Gabe Holt is the second Red Raider off the board for Texas Tech as the RF/2B/CF/SS lead off hitter was taken in the 7th round by the Milwaukee Brewers organization.

Holt is the third Red Raider to be chosen in the 7th round joining Parker Mushinski and Corey Taylor as recent 7th rounders.

The Brewers chose Holt as an outfielder but super utility has been a strong suit of Holt's during his time as a Red Raider. He also has plus plus speed and a knack to steal bases getting more than 60 as a Red Raider.

Holt is only a Sophomore so he could return betting on a better draft slot for himself in 2020, but that might be a long shot hope and dream scenario for Red Raider fans wanting him to return.

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