Colt McCoy is in his second season in Arizona playing quarterback for head coach Kliff Kingsbury. McCoy has started a handful of games for the Cardinals after starter Kyler Murray was hurt last season, but he's primarily been the backup.

If you don't know the alma maters of the three men mentioned above, I'll catch you up. Kliff Kingsbury is the most obvious as a Red Raider quarterback and former coach. Kyler Murray actually went to both Texas A&M and Oklahoma. Colt McCoy? He's a Texas Longhorn.

The Red Raider and Longhorn bit is the most important here because of what surfaced in the days after Texas Tech beat Texas in Lubbock by a final score of 37-34 in an overtime thriller.

Apparently, the Red Raiders on the Cardinals and Colt McCoy had a friendly bet going. The loser wears the winner's alma mater's gear. You know, as you do for rivals. This week, Colt McCoy was most definitely a loser.

Look at that featured image up top, though. The Cardinals wear the black uniforms like Texas Tech already, and those black helmets by McCoy's feet are crisp as well. I must say, McCoy looks great in red and black. I may be biased because I think red and black is the best color combo in sports and nearly impossible to screw up.

I was happy when Texas Tech beat Texas on Saturday, but now I'm even happier now that Kingsbury didn't show up in my social media feed wearing burnt orange.

That would have been miserable.

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