I looked down from watching TV on Sunday afternoon and I couldn't believe the message I got on my phone.

I live at the North Loop and the Interstate. We heard a lot of thunder and then had light rain for 5-10 minutes. This is kind of why I was unconcerned about the weather. We all tend to think that whatever weather we're getting at our house is what everyone else is getting.

I received a message from a friend that he had gone to pick up a pizza on 50th Street and not only was the street underwater, but the pizza place and many others on the street had also lost electricity. Even with this information, I didn't grasp the scope of the flooding until he sent pictures, and others started showing up on social media.

Everything Lubbock puts the total amount of people and businesses without power at about 3,500, but that number seems really low for this kind of flooding. I think throughout today  we'll also hear of some of the damage caused by these floodwaters. I don't see how some of these businesses didn't have water rushing inside with the level the way it was.

I would ask a question at this point, and that would be: where did these folks' stormwater fees go? It sure looks like there was a lack of drainage in the area. It sure would smart to have my business destroyed after paying these fees for all these years. Anyways, here's hoping you and yours survived this flooding and are drying out nicely.

Flooding In Lubbock, Texas

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