Last week, there was some controversy over a billboard in Amarillo about liberals getting on I-40 and staying on it until they leave Texas.

It caused some serious controversy and was removed. Now, another billboard has sprouted up in Amarillo.

The billboard, which sits on I-40 and Coulter in Amarillo, has raised eyebrows yet again among Amarillo residents.

It seems that there are some conflicting messages going on in the Panhandle.

KFYO Radio morning show hosts Dave King and Matt Martin talked about it on their show yesterday, and some listeners were offended by the use of the word bigotry.

Matt did a great job of defining bigot/bigotry: "a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions...don't let a few small-minded bigots destroy the good image of the city"

Seems about right. What are your thoughts on the Amarillo billboards?

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