The North Dakota Higher Education Board voted Monday to retire the "Sioux" mascot for the University of North Dakota after 90 years of use.

The NCAA declared an all out politically correct war on schools with mascots named after Native American Indian tribes because they were deemed too offensive by the collegiate governing body.

I am saddened by this because the University of North Dakota had the blessing of the Sioux nation to carry the moniker of "Fightin' Sioux" and the acts of the NCAA are blatantly disrespectful to its member institutions.

This issue doesn’t pertain to just UND or other schools who have aboriginal mascots. If the NCAA prevails, no telling where this road will lead universities and colleges.

PETA could very conceivably petition the NCAA to sanction schools who use animals as mascots and could even try to ban use of Texas Tech’s Matador Song. Matador means killer of bulls for those of you in Austin.

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