On the heels of his Billy Gillispie story from last night, Jeff Goodman (pictured) from CBS Sports joined Scott Fitzgerald and Alan Berger on the Sports Shack this morning.

Goodman said that Gillispie has had questionable behavior for a long time,

"I've been hearing this about Billy Gillispie for years. When he got hired at Kentucky I said it was a bad hire. Now, I thought it was a bad hire at Kentucky because I didn't think he didn't fit with Kentucky. I thought some of the things, some of his antics, some of his tactics to motivate kids weren't going to fit with some of the highest profile of kids. However, I did think he would be a much better fit at Texas Tech."

Goodman also said, "He (Gillispie) plays with people. He plays with people's minds. Bob Knight was tough as you-know-what. But Knight wasn't a mind games guy. You work hard, you'll be rewarded. With Billy Gillispie it's not necessarily that, it's all about mind games with Billy Gillispie.

Goodman was working on his Gillispie story for over a year and he said talked to numerous people associated with the Red Raider Basketball program.