Some of you believe in fairy stories and see thing things through rose-colored glasses because the Coliseum was awful.

Let's start with the heyday of bookings for the Coliseum the late 70's and 80's. The Coliseum was hot and awful. IF there was a/c in there at all, it was woefully inadequate.  Seeing as no one knew better, smoking was allowed with little to no ventilation. Warm beers were sold and the place developed a funk within about five minutes of entering. Let's also not forget one of the lowlights of the building, those awful chairs that apparently were designed to give people back problems.

Then there were the rigging problems. The structure was not built to handle heavy loads hanging from the ceiling. This cost us concerts, most notably Van Halen's "1984" tour because the roof of the Coliseum just "won't handle the load". For the bands willing to do it, this meant giant stacks of speakers pointed right at the floor area so you had a choice of being deaf or not being able to see real well. How about that sound too? Was there ever a time when music really sounded good in the Coliseum? Everything was always boomy and more often than not just plain awful.

By the time we started to TRY to have fun things in the Coliseum like Arena Football and Hockey, the place was already on its last legs and not very enjoyable to visit.

If you listen to The RockShow, you know I'm not real happy about the ABC Rodeo losing it's home. They have given so much to this town while asking for so little. I am still hoping we find or build them an adequate venue for future events. Even with that in mind, the Coliseum sucked and it always did.

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