David Pollack's job is to do the pregame for College football Saturday's and as part of his job he has to go on live television and pick winners and upsets.

His upset special this week was Eastern Washington over Texas Tech.

This isn't the first time he's taken shots at Texas Tech, David Pollack has a history of trashing the Texas Tech defense on ESPN so this is no surprise, but picking an FCS team to destroy the Tech defense was a new low.

This was the previous low:

2015 isn't when the Pollack on Red Raider hating began, here's an example from 2013:

Before that? 2012:

So, like I said, David Pollack picked an FCS team to out perform Texas Tech because they beat Mike Leach's Washington State team last season, sound logic.

Here is Pollack's actual pick.


Texas Tech quarterback chimed in after the game with the hashtag #dontflinch.

BJ Symons, twitter champion and former Texas Tech QB got in a solid shot to Baylor, who actually lost to an FCS team, Liberty.

After the game plenty of people shared the results with Pollack.

To his credit he did respond and accept defeat, in a cocky backhanded kind of way.

Please David Pollack, please keep picking the Red Raiders to lose. #dontflinch


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