Erin Andrews has been a staple of college football and ESPN since signing on back in 2004. Things are changing however as Andrews has decided to move on from ESPN and join Fox, where she will be hosting her own college football oriented show. Andrews will be competing head to head with ESPN and their onslaught of college football programing.

While this seems like a career move, most people that left ESPN are never heard from again. Granted their are success stories such as Dan Patrick who managed to keep it all going, there are many more examples of people who failed and burned. Keith Olberman comes to mind, and what about Michele Tafoya, or how about Brian Kelly? Will Andrews soon become the next, "Oh that reporter that used to be on ESPN?"

It was not an easy decision for Andrews as she stated that, "It's been difficult. I'll be honest, it's been bittersweet. There've been a lot of tears. ESPN has been my family for eight years. I've been a little sister there."

What do you think of Andrews decision to leave ESPN? Good decision or bad decision?


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