It's not that uncommon that we see military vehicles make their way through Lubbock, but this was huge.

With all the craziness in the world right now, the site of a bunch of military vehicles can set you back on your feet just a bit. Wednesday evening, a friend caught a huge trainload of vehicles making its way through town.

I know nothing of markings or anything like that, so let's say straight off the top that it's likely that these vehicles are just being transferred from one military base to another. As I mentioned I've seen many of these things before, but this is the first time I've seen actual tanks, turrets and all, traveling across town.

In addition to the tanks, there are quite a few other armored vehicles and tons of support vehicles that look like troop and supply transport and even a medic vehicle or two.

So the obvious question is: will these units be sent to Ukraine or will they be used in support positions in case the war is pushed past Ukraine's border? I have no answer, but I think that's the question everybody asks when they see something like this. For all we know they're being sent to the coast just in case.

There's always one other thing to consider as well and that's that this may not be the only shipment coming through; it's just the one that we happened to catch on camera.

Whatever the case is, we hope this is just a show of support or force and that these units aren't actually needed anywhere.

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