When I was a kid, I used to save my allowance each week so that I could buy a little present for myself from The Soap Bar, a gift shop that used to be in the shopping center on 19th and Quaker. The store had different kinds of soaps, candles, beauty products, and interesting gifts.

The quaint little shop was a favorite among the women in my family and my girlfriends at school, but I haven't heard anyone mention it since the 90s. If you search for information about it online, it's VERY limited, likely because the internet back then was nowhere near what it is today. It does make you wonder whether or not the entire store and memories associated with it were just a fever dream, but my friends confirmed that it was in fact a real store.

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I remember dumping all of the quarters out of my piggy bank and meeting my best friend in the middle of the park before walking there together. Everything in the store seemed so expensive to us, but we were usually only going with 3 or 4 dollars, and this was a fancy little spot with really unique gifts.

I remember the staff treating us like we were adults, as we walked around looking for something we would be able to afford with a couple of quarters. My friends and I thought it was a great excuse to wear a purse and act like a big kid. After we found our treasure, we would wander over to Blockbuster and walk up and down each aisle, inspecting all of the movies one by one.

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