Luke Stice is a newcomer to the Texas Tech football program. We don't know much about him yet, but there is one thing that has become increasingly clear. He's intense.

So intense that he gets jacked up by letting teammates slap him in the face.

We asked some of Stice's teammates at this year's Texas Tech football media day what they thought of the face slapping. You can check out their hilarious responses in the video above.

Stice's attitude is infectious and that can spell good things for Texas Tech's defense.

And apparently, he's even rubbing off on Patrick Mahomes in the weightroom. "He's kind of made me a meathead," Mahomes told us in an interview.

One thing Stice hasn't done, however, is getting the actual face slapping to rub off on his teammates. I feel like he'll be the only one doing that.

The full versions of the 1340 The Fan's interviews at Texas Tech's football media day are in the video playlist below at the FMX YouTube channel.

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