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The fight over Critical Race Theory in Texas and inside the classrooms of Texas isn't over and it appears as though the fight could continue in the next legislative session.

Earlier this week, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick appeared on my afternoon radio show and said tax money being spent by universities to expand Critical Race Theory needs to be examined and that he along with the Texas Legislature would look further into the issue.

On Friday, we learned more about what the Lieutenant Governor may have meant. During a press conference Friday, Patrick announced that he would seek to end tenure at all public universities in Texas. The plan would address professors who already have tenure by changing tenure reviews from "every six years to annually". Patrick also announced that teaching Critical Race Theory would be a cause for a "tenured professor to be dismissed".

The Lieutenant Governor is outraged at the University of Texas at Austin's Faculty Council which voted 41-5 to support teaching Critical Race Theory. In a press release, Patrick said "tenured professors must not be able to hide behind the phrase 'academic freedom', and then proceed to poison the minds of our next generation".

“Tenured professors must not be able to hide behind the phrase ‘academic freedom,’ and then proceed to poison the minds of our next generation. I am outraged by the University of Texas at Austin’s Faculty Council’s 41-5 vote on a resolution in support of teaching critical race theory, and I am further outraged that the Faculty Council told the legislature and the UT Board of Regents that it is none of their business what they taught. Universities across Texas are being taken over by tenured, leftist professors, and it is high time that more oversight is provided.

Patrick said the Texas Senate will also seek to give Boards of Regents more authority to address tenure for professors. According to the Texas Tribune, Patrick said if professors want to teach Critical Race Theory, they should teach at a private school.

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