It's finally game day and when game day comes brace yourself for hype videos. Texas Tech has been getting better and better in the hype video department for the last several year and I thought they had peaked with the "Burn the Boats" video they dropped for the 2018 Elite 8 Run.

They didn't peak.

With the help of former Red Raider and Oakland A Dallas Braden, Texas Tech dropped this masterpiece:

The script is great but the last line sent me over the top, "Call us whatever you want because the boys from Lubbock are back in Omaha and we're here to win the WHOLE DAMN THING." I heard this and immediately looked for a brick wall to run through.

I've been saying for months this team had the makeup to win it all.

I thought it then. I think it now. Texas Tech isn't here to mess around. They're here to kick ass and chew bubble gum and there isn't any bubble gum in Omaha. They're here to win a National Championship.

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