The guys over at Green Gridiron on have outdone themselves. This build features a Satin Red finish on the helmet with a similar Red facemask. All the clips and snaps are black which provides great contrast. To go with the satin red finish on the helmet the Green Gridiron guys use the chrome decals which real pop off the flat finish of the Helmet.

You'll have to watch the video for all of the details and to see it all being put together from step one.

Can you imagine these all-red helmets with the red on red jersey combo?

TCU v Texas Tech
(Photo by John Weast/Getty Images)

Or maybe with the all-black kits.

Texas Tech Football vs Kansas State- 2017
Ashley Wirz,

Also the all-white combos. Pretty much any solid jersey combination would compliment this slick looking helmet.

Texas Tech v Houston
Getty Images

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