A Texas Tech student from Seguin is now in custody at the Lubbock County Detention Center, accused of killing a Texas Tech police officer.

Nineteen-year-old Hollis Alvin Daniels has been charged with Capital Murder of a Peace Officer after allegedly shooting and killing TTUPD officer Floyd East, Jr. at the department's HQ Monday evening.

According to one person who knew him, Daniels did not appear to be a motivated student.

On Tuesday morning, October 10th, Dave King, Matt Martin, and Robert Snyder of the KFYO Morning Show spoke with a teacher named Charlotte Boyett regarding her interactions with the accused shooter.

Charlotte Boyett is an LISD teacher and private tutor. She claims that Daniels' mother contacted her through a tutoring website in 2016 and had a meeting to discuss Daniels' struggles with school.

"What she was concerned about was his grades coming into school, because he was on a special program to even [be] allowed to stay at Tech...she just thought, you know, he was kind of, he was very very smart and intelligent but kind of lazy, you know," said Boyett. "He only showed up for my sessions a couple of times and made excuses or just didn’t show up at all."

According to Boyett, Daniel began his time at Texas Tech University through a special education program available through South Plains College. Upon completion of that program, Boyett said that the expectation was that Daniels would then be considered a full Texas Tech student.

Boyett also described her personal interactions in Daniels in the short time she tutored him.

"As far as his demeanor, his behavior, it was a little off," she said. "He was very jittery, you know, like antsy. . . He kind of made me nervous because he was moving around so much all the time."

When asked if Daniels may have been on any sort of prescribed medication, Boyett said she wouldn’t know.

As far as Daniels' parents are concerned, the private tutor had nothing but good things to say.

"I think they were very involved. His mother really, really tried hard with him...she was just trying to put everything in place and help him be successful, but ultimately it was up to him," she said.

Still, Boyett doesn’t seem to believe that Daniels was as invested in his own education as his parents were. Despite their attempts to keep him on track, she summarized Daniel’s attitude by saying: "He just didn’t seem to care at all."

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