After a few failed attempts at conquering Lubbock in the past, Carl's Jr. is rumored to be coming back to town to try again. We aren't quite sure why they keep coming back like that ex you just can't rid of, but we kind of miss them and will likely entertain them briefly for old time's sake.

I always thought it was kind of weird that this massive chain restaurant didn't stick around the first time it opened. It seemed like everyone was really excited about it. The burgers are pretty tasty and the price isn't way out there. So why didn't it work out?

The same can be said of Jack in the Box, which was visibly packed and busy for some time after opening in Lubbock. After the initial craze of the new restaurant died off (and everyone came to their senses that those tacos are straight garbage), the customers abandoned the ship.

Taco Bueno is another great example of a place that has failed and left everyone scratching their heads. They opened up a ton of locations a few years ago, then they all seemed to bite the dust one by one. The final location on 82nd Street held on until the bitter end.

Who knows what will happen, but let's get excited anyway. This year sucked. If all we have to look forward to is a greasy burger, it's better than nothing. Put on your fat pants and get ready for those yummy sourdough buns, chicken tenders, and grilled burritos, because whether or not it lasts, Carl's Jr. is coming back to town.

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10 Restaurants That Have Closed in Lubbock, Texas

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