Do you think you can do better than the special teams unit at Texas Tech? The unit is 6-14 on field goals, and has missed three extra points. It's abysmal. It's also unacceptable. Kliff Kingsbury must be watching film and scouring the internet searching for the next big thing.

Lucky for him, we have found that individual, and he's proven he can nail a 50-yard field goal in the Jones.

There he is, Ross Reinhart, the man with the golden leg.

Sure, there's no crowd or pressure, but there is a swift slice of a hammer that puts the pig into the posts.

So, what, there's one guy in Lubbock who can make a long field goal. That's not too embarrassing for the team. It's not like he kicked it in front of 30,000+ fans who would later see the team's actual kicker miss a field goal that would've iced the game.

Oh wait, that actually happened on Saturday during halftime.

Jared McAda, the guy who successfully kicked for a trip to Las Vegas, deserves a chance on the team -- after he gets back from Las Vegas, of course.

Crowd? Check. Pressure? Check. Does he have eligibility left? TBD.

Now, here are two guys that can make field goals. Are there more in Lubbock?

Can you make field goals and extra points? From this point forward, we'll be taking applications for Kliff and co. and we'll pass them along to the Big Dawg.

The Estacado high school Kicker has put his name in the hat.

This guy knows a strong-legged assassin from Raymondville.

If we can't find a kicker, Larry Gill knows where to find one so we're good (even though December 5th might be too late for Kliff Kingsbury).

It's almost everything we're looking for right now.

Maybe it's not a kicker we should be looking for...

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