The Texas Tech running game was lack luster in 2016, running for half as many yards as the 2015 squad when DeAndre Washington was romping all over the field. The running backs also took a step back in the pass protection schemes. At only 103 yards per game the arm of Patrick Mahomes was left to do it all on his own at times, and now Patrick is gone as well.

Jabbar Juluke is here to make the running backs great again, and he's got a solid stable with Justin Stockton, Desmond Nisby and Demarcus Felton. There's also Da'Leon Ward, who may or may not be on the roster come September 2nd.

Juluke knows how to pull success out of talented players though, he's put in work with Kenneth Dixon (La Tech), Leonard Fournette and Derrius Guice (LSU).

When asked about how he can recreate that success here Juluke said he wants to show the Red Raider running backs the work ethic of those stars. He called them film junkies and said he wanted to teach that mindset to the Texas Tech guys.

He knows there is room for improvements, "We definitely want to enhance the running game."

How does he plan to do that? "By playing hard, assignment sound football."

Coach Juluke and new offensive line coach Brandon Jones know it's all about tweaking the scheme and getting their guys in sync to improve both the run game production and the pass protection.

"Seize the moment." Juluke said about this season, "Take advantage of every opportunity that you have." He also stressed that his running backs need to help the club even when they don't have the ball on in their hands. Even when they are on the sideline they can be impactful by, "rooting for the next guy when they're in, being the best teammates we can be."

Coach Juluke finished his interview by talking about Kliff Kingsbury calling him, "one of the most brilliant minds of offensive football."

Hopefully Juluke can bring some new things for Kingsbury to learn in the running game.

2017 Texas Tech Media Day Interviews

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