Listen to the full interview with State Representative Dustin Burrows above.

Last Friday evening, State Representative Dustin Burrows joined The Chad Hasty Show to discuss why he's filing legislation to stop the University of Texas, along with Oklahoma University, from leaving the Big 12 conference and joining the SEC.

This happened as news was developing around the situation and people were still learning more information. As of Monday, July 26th and at the time of this writing, both Oklahoma and the University of Texas informed the Big 12 that they will not be renewing media contracts after the 2025 season.

Many now believe it's just a matter of time before deals are worked out where both OU and the University of Texas will leave the Big 12 after the 2021 season.

Still, some lawmakers in Texas want answers, and that includes State Representative Dustin Burrows. Rep. Burrows believes that the legislature has every right to question University of Texas officials since the legislature gives money to the school and they're a public university that's making a move which could hurt other economies and schools.

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In the interview last Friday, Burrows told The Chad Hasty Show that a discussion needs to be had over funding, the Permanent University Fund (PUF) and what the future of funding sources look like for the University of Texas and other public universities.

While Rep. Burrows has co-authors, he lacks one big name: Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who's also an alum of the University of Texas. The only way the legislature can consider what Rep. Burrows has brought up is if the governor adds it to the special session agenda.

Still, Rep. Burrows brings up some good points especially regarding the Permanent University Fund, which only the University of Texas and Texas A&M benefit from.

Listen to the full interview with Rep. Dustin Burrows above.

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