Super Bowl XLV's half time show will feature the pop/hip hop band of the Black Eyed Peas. When it comes to actual football fans, the Black Eyed Peas are not well known or liked. Football fans, traditionally, are hard rockers, country music buffs or fans of anything not Black Eyed Peas related.

Look for many fans, as they usually do, to tune out when it comes to the big halftime show. Enjoy this short list of bands that I would love to see, and could do well, for a Super Bowl Halftime show.

Willie Nelson
You can’t have a Super Bowl in Texas without the Red Headed Stranger.

The Flaming Lips

Even if you don’t listen to their music, the live show would still blow you away. Always raising the bar in oddity and energy, the Flaming Lips would be a great pick.

The Black Keys
The Black Keys are a rock/blues duo that I have followed for nearly 5 years now, and who are becoming powerhouses in the rock world.

Stevie Wonder

Yes, Stevie Wonder has already done a Super Bowl halftime show, but never by himself. Wonder still has one of the most exciting shows around even after all these years.

Tom Waits
The gritty Waits, who is a Rock N Roll Hall of Fame inductee this year, would bring a dynamic show to Dallas and “Jerry’s Palace.”

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