July 17th marked day one of the Big 12 Media days and it spawned more than a few moments worth noting. TCU, Iowa State, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas Tech were on deck for Day one as well as Bob Bowlsby, the Big 12 commissioner. We also got plenty of dancing mascots, silly questions and a game of bingo.

Here's the rundown:

The Big 12 Commish spoke to the media to begin day one of media days and fielded questions for nearly an hour. He spoke on the state of the conference, the rookie coaches and laid out his thoughts on the return of the Big 12 Conference Championship.

Here's that mascot dancing... moving on.

The biggest story going into media day was the absence of Bob Stoops, who had basically been the OU head coach since the Conferences inception in 1996. Stoops took over in 2000 and had been a huge draw at media day since the beginning. All the talking heads were knee deep in how new Sooner head coach Lincoln Riley was shaped by his short time with Bob Stoops.

Speaking of Lincoln Riley, here he is just wanting to get things underway.

The second biggest draw of day one was former Red Raider Baker Mayfield who is now back to back Big 12 Champion who is ready for a 3-peat.  He also doesn't care about individual awards in the least. He's a team player. He always has been. Baker "selfless" Mayfield, everyone:

TFW someone asks you what it's like to lose to the Longhorns.

Baylor somehow found it's way into the first day by asking the coaches from day one about their rookie coach Matt Rhule.

Here's a slick video recap of the Red Raider experience at Big 12 Media Days.

Somebody trolled Kliff Kingsbury and he totally called them out for it. Good for Kliff.

Here's the highlights from Kliff Kingsbury's press conference. You can see a full recap of Kingsbury at media day here.

Here's a great article from Danny Davis on Cameron Batson.

As usual, the Red Raiders were the best dressed at the event.


Jah'Shawn Johnson had the brilliant idea to play bingo with the media days. If you've ever been to a media day it's just a merry go round of interviews with multiple media outlets from every Big 12 school. It's also a bevy of predictable questions which is where the bingo card came in. It's surprising that several questions weren't asked, like the offseason workouts, which were a huge topic of conversation in 2016 with the newly minted Rusty Whitt.

Speaking of silly media questions: Do you tip at Sonic?!

It's not always cupcake questions though...

Iowa State Coach Matt Campbell also had some disrespect from the walk up music selector.

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