Lubbock loves its burger joints, and we have some of the best-ever mom and pop places to get a tasty burger. But who do you think is the best in town?

If you know me, you know how I love a big, greasy burger.

Whether you like your burgers with thin patties or big fat ones cooked medium rare, you can bet there is a local mom and pop burger joint in Lubbock to satisfy that craving.

Personally, I like my burgers well done and the greasier the better. You just can’t beat the taste of a burger cooked on a griddle with a toasted yet greasy bun and all the fixings.

We asked this same question back in 2016, and Lubbock voted Jim Dandy Drive-In as the best mom and pop burger joint.

Will Jim Dandy Drive-In repeat this year, or will another top burger joint be crowned the best in Lubbock? Vote now below!


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