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Back in April, KFYO News reported on the dire bathroom situation at the parks in Lubbock.

The situation was pretty terrible. The City of Lubbock had not cleaned the bathrooms in any of the parks since October 2021. Doors had been taken off stalls, the toilets were, of course, very dirty, and the mirrors could barely be used.

They were disgusting, and the city had admitted that they had not cleaned the bathrooms due to the changing seasons. The City of Lubbock also knew that renovations were needed. In May, the City of Lubbock announced that multiple bathrooms inside city parks were going to be renovated sooner rather than later thanks to funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. 

Kalee Robinson, development manager for Lubbock Parks and Recreation, said in May that 5 park bathrooms (out of the 35 park bathrooms n Lubbock) would be completely replaced, while 7 would be renovated.

"Through the new ARPA funding, we were able to come to the City Council with seven different projects that we really thought would be beneficial towards the city and the community as a whole, and we know that our restrooms are at the top of that priority list," Robinson said.

One of the parks that has seen some renovations is Maxey Park, which is located at 4007 30th Street across from Covenant Children's Hospital. It appears as though renovations are on-going, but already you can see a huge difference with the bathrooms. Take a look at the pictures in the gallery below. I think you'll agree that these changes were needed.

Amazing Before and After Pictures of the Maxey Park Bathrooms in Lubbock

The City of Lubbock is renovating bathrooms in Lubbock parks, and the repairs are badly needed. Just take a look at these before and after pictures of the bathrooms at Maxey Park while renovations continue.

Much better and much improved. Don't forget you can help keep our parks looking great by joining in on the Adopt-A-Park program. You can read more about that here.

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