Former Texas Tech quarterback Baker Mayfield was suspended from his captaincy this weekend after his crotch-grabbing antics against Kansas the week before. That didn't stop his teammates from bringing along his jersey to the coin toss -- like it was a memorial after Mayfield had died instead just being suspended.

Mayfield was also suspended to start the game for an indefinite amount of time. With back up Kyler Murray starting the game, Oklahoma scored in two plays. That was the only drive that Mayfield had to sit out.

The one-drive suspension isn't a surprise to me; I wasn't expecting anything more. And while the Baker Mayfield jersey being brought out to the coin toss is so incredibly stupid, it speaks volumes to the type of leader his teammates believe he is. His attitude permeates the locker room in Norman, and when you play with a cocky arrogance, you can do big things in football. Self-belief is very important.

Baker Mayfield wore a Big 12 championship shirt last year during the game they played to clinch the Big 12 championship. He wore that belief into existence.

This season has been peak Baker Mayfield. Turning an off-season arrest into a Heisman campaign can only be done by a man used to overcoming insurmountable odds.


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