After the Red Raiders' 52-45 win last night, ASU linebacker DJ Calhoun had a hot take that the Texas Tech offense "wasn't all that good." He qualified his statement by saying, "I still show them respect," but that's like saying 'no offense' after saying something offensive.

Wow, your maroon and yellow jerseys are incredibly ugly. No offense.

At least the jersey statement is true. That can't be said about the comment on the Texas Tech offense that put up over 615 yards of total offense and 52 points. The only Texas Tech turnover was gifted to the Sun Devils when Desmond Nisby tossed a ball into the end zone that slipped as he was reaching for the goal line after rushing for two straight first downs.

All that's important here is that Texas Tech won the game and is not on a two-game losing streak like Arizona State is.

Much respect to Arizona State, though.


    Texas Tech vs Arizona State

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