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One of the things many homeowners dread is that oh-so-common solicitors that come knocking on your door. Whether it’s to sell something, promote a company, or ‘talk about our lord and savior Jesus Christ’, most people don’t want you knocking on their door bothering them.

In order to combat these solicitors, the most common methods you’ll find are to simply ignore them or to put up a ‘No Soliciting’ sign above your doorbell. While these methods can sometimes work, when dealing with particularly persistent salesmen or religious folk, it doesn’t always work.

That is why I think everyone should have one of these special ‘no soliciting’ signs that carry a heavier hit if ignored. I came across a TikTok of someone that has a sign that reads, “Before you knock on my door, please know that by disturbing me you are agreeing to enter into a binding contract to pay me $50 a minute upfront to listen to your religious message or sales pitch. No soliciting.”

Alongside showing this sign they’ve added to their doorbell, they also have video proof of it working when solicitors come up to her door, read the sign, and promptly turn to leave the property. Not only is it a clever hack, but it is also effective.

You can always make your own sign if you’d like, or you can purchase one online. I found an option on Amazon that has the same idea as the one in the TikTok video, or you can get even more creative and make your own custom sign with your own terms.

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