The images below are very graphic and we ask that you view them with caution.

A terrible accident resulted in the tragic death of a horse that was ejected from a trailer and seen dangling off of the side of an overpass in San Antonio. The crash occurred on Loop 410 and Rigsby Avenue around 11 a.m. on Sunday, March 27th. A public Facebook post with the shocking images has now been shared over 9,000 times.

Again, the images are distressing. You can view them below.

It was reported by that the vehicle traveling on the highway braked hard, causing the vehicle behind it to brake hard, which caused the truck hauling the horse trailer to do the same, resulting in this incredibly sad accident.

There were no other casualties, and San Antonio Fire and Rescue worked together to retrieve the horse from the highway. The highway was temporarily closed so that rescuers could tend to the situation at hand.

In some instances, horses are truly part of your family. They aren't just a pet or a mode of transportation, but often a great friend. With an average lifespan of 25 to 30 years, a great horse can be with you for a huge portion of your life, so losing one is a devastating experience. I cannot imagine the pain and helplessness felt by owners and onlookers as it was being lowered to the road below.

Thank you to San Antonio Fire and Rescue workers for taking care of the situation to the best of their abilities. 94.5 FMX sends love, support and sincerest condolences to all of those involved.

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