Everyone handles boredom differently, but I can probably boil everyone into two categories during this pandemic: Productive, and unproductive.

The unproductive lot does as little as possible besides maybe catching up on a few emails, social feeds, and exotic animal documentaries. If that sounds productive to you, you definitely fit in that category.

Other, more productive members of society, are taking this time to renovate their house, learn a new skill, or paint large slabs of concrete. That's right, one Red Raider out there has taken his productivity to the extreme by painting his home basketball court in a proud display of the Scarlet and Black:

It's a court that could proudly host a Keenan Evans step-back, or a Jarrett Culver to Owens alley-oop any day of the week.

When all the COVID-19 shutdowns are lifted, I'd love to see Coach Beard and a few players out there getting some shots up from the slab. Those Double Ts look like they are in the sweet spot for a Matt Mooney midrange floater.

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