Another new store is coming to the area and it's locally owned with a clever name to boot.

Lucky Dollar will be the newest addition to the impressive number of Lubbock dollar stores. This retail store will cater to a lot of people's needs. The company says it's "from the community to the community."

"As a local company, we believe in acting as a customer-centered establishment while providing a wholesome, inviting, and friendly atmosphere for our patrons to experience. Our desire is to serve with a purpose-driven attitude in all that we do," said Lucky Dollar on Facebook.

Lucky Dollar will be located at 50th and Quaker at 4408 50th Street. They're already showing off some of the fun stuff they will be selling in the store. It will be different from any other discount retail store we've seen. They'll carry goods, party supplies, food and so much more fun stuff.

Lucky Dollar looks like it should be opening any day now from all the pictures I've seen. They did say on Facebook a week ago that they don't have an exact day, but will let us know soon.

They are hiring, so if you or someone you know is interested, call them at (806) 544-7565. You can also find out more about them on their official Facebook page.

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