Sometimes you want ice cream, and sometimes you prefer something of the icy variety. Well, I have a great list for you.

This is not the end-all list, but it's a pretty good start. This list is also of the dessert/treat variety. There's plenty of great places that lean towards the smoothie side of things; this is more of a list oriented to slushes, shaved ice and ice cream. Now, your goal is to score at least 8 of 10 on this list before summer's over. And...go!

  • 1

    Holly Hop Ice Cream Shop

    I'm in love with this quaint little shop at 3404 34th street. They have GREAT ice cream and an old skool atmosphere. The kids seem to like and respect the set up too. Kind of think Baskin-Robbins meets 50's soda fountain.

  • 2


    This one is tops with a co-workers kids. Menchies gives you a wide variety of soft serve options with a huge variety of toppings. You could spend all day just honing in on what you want.

  • 3


    Sonic's ice cream treats are legendary. They are probably my #1 go-to place. Since this list is about cooling off, what's better than not even having to get out of your air-conditioned car?

  • 4


    Happy's took over that tiny Bahama Buck's stand on 50th and Q. They specialize in shaved ice, bubble teas, and smoothies. It's a great place to get something a little more adult while you get something for the kids.

  • 5


    You just can't go wrong with Baskin-Robbins whether it's a stand-alone or side by side with Dunkin Donuts. It is absolutely magical to be a kid and be able to choose from all of those delicious flavors.

  • 6


    Wienerschnitzel owns Tastee Freeze. Tastee Freeze is some of the best tasting ice cream anywhere! It is seriously delicious and they do all the wonderful things with ice cream that other places with soft-serve do (mix with candy, sundaes, etc).

  • 7

    Premiere Cinemas

    I don't know what they call them, but a Slurpee under any other name is still a Slurpee.  Maybe you don't know but Premiere Cinemas has a free refill policy on their machine. So, an air-conditioned theater and all you can drink Slurpee sounds like a great option.

  • 8

    Dairy Queen

    Don't ever count Dairy Queen out. They still do it up 100% and unlike some places that make dessert a sideline, DQ makes it a priority. That means less chance of a "broken" or "being cleaned" ice-cream machine ruining your ice-cream craving.

  • 9


    7-11 almost seems like a cop-out on this list, but when was the last time you had a real Slurpee?  7-11 is still an excellent option on a hot summer day (plus you can get a Lottery ticket or some motor oil too)

  • 10

    Bahama Bucks

    The original, and probably why I want to stress that there are ten places on this list, but they aren't meant to be in any order. Bahama Bucks may very well be the ultimate "Lubbock" way to cool off. Started in Lubbock, Bahama Bucks now has over a hundred locations and plans for over a hundred more. That tells me they're doing something right.

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