Little Vito came in for a trim by his regular barber, Jude Sannicandro. But it didn't go quite as he planned.

Apparently, a month earlier, Vito played a prank on Sannicandro and left a fake cockroach on the counter that scared the crap out of the barber. Suffice to say, Sannicandro had his payback ready to go. Watch the video above.

Here's what Sannicandro wrote on the video, which has racked up more than 12 million views:

About a month ago, this character Vito came in for a haircut and scared me by putting a fake cockroach on my counter when I wasn’t looking. He got me good. Well, today (with his parents permission ahead of time) I got my sweet revenge. A latex ear and fake blood. What a great sport. And I’ll give him credit, he handled it better than I would have at that age.

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