If you haven't heard, Thursday, April 25th Texas Tech Basketball is hosting a celebration at the USA to celebrate the 2019 Final Four team. Head coach Chris Beard and assistant Brian Burg hopped in front of a fireside to chat about the upcoming celebration earlier this week.

There will be concessions for the celebration and the shindig will be hosted again by Fran Fraschilla, the best Big 12 Baskeball analyst employed by ESPN.

Beard himself questioned the $25 price, but said that it would be worth it due to the sheer amount of entertainment at the event. In this weeks Fireside Chat there was some talk of the exact entertainment to be had at the event, like Brian Burg rapping. You can catch the latest episode here:

That got me to thinking though, what would I want to do tonight with the Texas Tech Basketball team to celebrate the Final Four team?

I have ten carnival style options of booths that the team could set up that would be very entertaining and worth the price of admission.

Arm Wrestling Norense Odiase.

I'd love to watch other people arm wrestling Norense. That would be fun. It would be considerably less fun to participate.

Hot Yoga Booth with Matt Mooney.

If Chris Beard was describing this booth he would say that it would take Mooney longer to describe the pose than to do the poses. I'm not going to say that though.

Get Your Shot Blocked by Tariq Owens.

This would be fun, and Tariq would never get tired. He could go all night long.

Human ATM Mark Adams.

You list a ticket price. Mark Adams hands you cash.

Fireside Chat with Coach Beard.

Maybe there's some What-a-Burger, a candle, a roaring fire. I don't think it's a date but it could be?

Free Throw Competition with Davide Moretti.

You wouldn't beat him but he'd be nice about it.

Loose Ball Drill with Avery Benson.

BYOK. Bring your own kneepads.

Face Painting Booth with Deshawn Corprew.

I don't know if Deshawn is an artist, but every carnival needs a face painting booth and how hard can it be to draw a Double T.

Take Before and After Pics with John Reilly.

You enter and take a picture. You take a picture as you leave. Somehow you've lost 30 pounds, have abs and are more confident now than ever. The secret is in the dirt.

Do the Salsa with Brandone Francis.

The man can dance. Not much else to say.

What else would you want to do with the basketball team? Maybe a net cutting station?

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