Update: Chloe has been found! Thanks to "the best fans in the country," Texas Tech Football's Twitter account says the school has already reached out to Chloe's family and is just waiting to hear back about which game in Lubbock she wants to see. (Pro tip: Texas or Oklahoma.)

Original story: This week at a Houston Astros game, a young fan was berated by a woman a few rows up from her.

The video is limited, and it's hard to tell what exactly is going on here, but it's framed as though the grouch in the stands told this girl to stop cheering so much. "That's enough," can be heard in the clip.

The woman, as anti-fun as she may be, obviously had an effect on Chloe, the young fan, because when she was encouraged to give some classic baseball chatter a few moments later, she didn't want to.

This is a classic example of an adult stealing a child's joy because they are annoyed, but this isn't a write-up on the doofus lady; it's about an invitation.

Word spread to the Athletic Director of Texas Tech, Kirby Hocutt, and he has invited this girl and her family to cheer loudly and proudly for the Red Raiders.

From what I can tell here, Hocutt doesn't know this family. He knows as much as I do from watching the video. But he runs the kind of program that's open to fans of all kinds. There is nobody who will be turned away as Texas Tech fan.

As the season, for now, is trending in a positive direction, anyone and everyone is welcome on the Red Raider bandwagon.

If any of you know Chloe, or her family, or want to go retweet Hocutt's invitation to get her to Lubbock for a game, I encourage you to do so.

This example is just another in a long line of examples to show how great Hocutt is.

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