The White House is warning once again that Russia could invade Ukraine "soon" possibly even during the Olympic games. The United States on Friday urged U.S. citizens to leave Ukraine in the next 24-48 hours and on Friday, CNN reported that President Biden had ordered thousands of troops to Poland.

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In an effort to diffuse the situation, President Biden is scheduled to visit with Vladimir Putin on Saturday over the phone, however other leaders haven't been successful at getting Putin to back off.

Harry Kazianis, Senior Director for the National Interest joined The Chad Hasty Show on Friday evening to discuss the possible conflict between Russia and Ukraine and what the United States is prepared and not prepared to do.

Kazianis told listeners that he believed if Russia attacked Ukraine it would be a 21st century warfare like we haven't seen before including cyber warfare. In a release before appearing on the show, Kazianis said Russia's real goal could be to cripple Ukraine and prevent Ukraine from entering into NATO, which was still at least ten years away.

"President Putin has all of the weapons and soldiers needed right now to not only successfully invade at least fifty percent of Ukraine and conquer it, but perhaps more importantly, he has in place the ability to turn Ukraine into a failed nation--and that might be his actual goal in the first place.

We must consider the fact that Russia's real strategy may not be to conquer every inch of Ukrainian territory but to make Kyiv's economy, military, and society into something so fractured and broken that Kyiv has no chance of joining NATO or the European Union. And to achieve that--what Putin has stated as his real aims for Ukraine--would be a short, sharp war that turns Ukraine into the basketcase of Europe."

Kazianis told listeners that if Russia wanted to, they could probably take Ukraine in a matter of days.

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