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The wife of a Texas Lawyer claims that he was sneaking medication into her drinks to induce an abortion.

The Washington Post reports that Mason Herring and his wife already had a strained relationship and that he wanted to separate. However, the couple agreed to go to couples counseling some time around March of 2022.

This was around the time the wife learned that she was pregnant, and she says that Herring had a negative reaction towards this news. He would express not being happy with the pregnancy, saying "this would ruin his plans and make him look like a jerk," according to her.

A few weeks later, the wife said that Herring started making comments on her hydration, saying she needed to drink more. The morning of Thursday, March 17th, Herring brought his wife breakfast and a cup of water.

She says the water was cloudy, but when she asked Herring about it, he chalked it up to the cup or pipes being dirty. About half an hour later, she began having cramps, followed by severe bleeding and a trip to the emergency room.

The week after, the wife says that Herring tried to give her 4 more beverages, but she noticed an unknown substance in 3 of them and a broken seal on the 4th. She even invited people over who confirmed that there was some unknown substance inside the beverages Herring was trying to provide.

Herring's wife reported his behavior to police a day after she says she watched him pull a plastic baggie out of his pocket and empty the contents into a drink that he served her moments later. An investigator reported seeing surveillance footage of Herring emptying the contents of a baggie into a drink before adding cranberry juice and water. They also confirmed seeing the unknown substance in pictures of the drinks taken by the wife.

Samples of the beverages were taken to a lab and 2 of them tested positive to misoprostol, an ingredient that could be used to induce abortions. A grand jury in Harris County has since indicted Herring with assaulting a pregnant woman.

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