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Years and years ago, before most people had access to the internet, families would get overjoyed on the day the new phone book arrived at their door. It was a huge book with names and numbers of businesses and your neighbors, friends, and family.

The phone book would have coupons too so that was like an extra surprise. People did use the phone book to keep up with friends and make sure they were up to date with everyone's phone numbers. In fact, I can still picture my grandparent's phone book all marked up and underlined for the businesses and people they wanted to find.

That was about 30 years ago or so.

In 2021, do we really need a phone book? It's so small now that it fit inside my mailbox. Which I must admit is better than when they would just toss it in your yard. After getting it out of my mailbox, I'm sure I did what 90% of you did too. I put it in the trash.

The phone book is a relic from a simpler time and I suppose there are some who still enjoy getting it. And yes I know there have been ways of opting-out of getting the phone book, but like the do not call list, it hasn't always been the most successful opt-out list.

One of these days and maybe it's already happened, a kid will ask a parent "what is that?" and the parents will tell stories from when they were kids and getting the phone book was something their parents or grandparents looked forward to. At that point, the phone book will be useful to me.

Until then, to the trash you go.

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