The weather is cold, which means everyone is making soup. I decided to make chili instead, so I went to four different stores to find Fritos corn chips -- because what's a bowl of chili without Friots, right? To my dismay, none of the stores had them.

They were fully stocked on everything in the aisle of chips except any brands of corn chips. This was the deal after going to different stores. I was shocked and felt so confused.

You can blame it on COVID-19, the summer strike at a Frito-Lay plant in Kansas that ended in July, or just people (over) stocking up again, but I am not happy. This was something I didn't expect, but apparently it's really still happening.

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, this was actually going on back in November, but I had no idea. Did you? Also according to their website, a lot of companies they reached out to said there were no problems. So hopefully this will clear up very soon because I need my chili and Frito pie back now that the weather is getting cold.

With few options and my cravings unsatisfied, I had to make do with what I could find. I bought a variety pack and will have to ration the amount of Fritos I can add to my bowl of chili. It's sad, but it will have to do. If you know any better solutions or how to get some, let a girl know!

I really do hope this shortage ends soon and we don't have this problem again with any products, because it's definitely been crazy.

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