Texas is really patriotic. Tons of American spirit, many military and veterans, tons of flags everywhere, a great turn out for our many patriotic holidays,and so much more! So what's going on? How are we only number 30 on the list of most patriotic states.

A few interesting statistics size things up according to this list from Wallethub.

States were ranked according to the percentage of veterans, military, adults who voted and the number of volunteers. Americorps volunteers were also taken into consideration.

While Texas ranks pretty high (no. 13) in Military Engagement, we rank near the bottom (no. 47) for Civic Engagement.

Apparently, Texas has a low percentage of adults turning out to vote. We rank at no. 46, with our neighbor New Mexico at no. 47. The state with the most voters is Maine.

However, Texas is no. 5 in the nation for military enlistees. Georgia takes the no. 1 spot.

If you needed one more reason to get out to vote, here it is! Let's get voting and increase our ranking!

You can check out the complete map and ranking state by state.


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