There are a few dream jobs that I have for my life. One is to be on SNL. One is to be a taste tester at some fancy food factory where they make all kinds of delicious delicacies. Another is to be a professional sports fan.

I don't know if the job exists but it's just a dream so does it have to?

How cool would the job be though! The job description would be to attend any and all professional sports games you wish in any of the major sports in America. Or Canada if you want to live in Toronto and like bat flips.

To decide my dream destination for my dream job I set out a few criteria.

I ranked the sports in the order I would enjoy watching NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and then the MLS. To be honest after the NFL and MLB the other 3 sports are dead even. The only professional hockey I have experienced was the old Lubbock Cotton Kings and that was a great time so I can only imagine how great NHL games are.

Some cities got bonuses for extra curricular sports such as big time Nascar tracks or sites that host major sports events like Cowboys Stadium or the Rose Bowl.

Cities with WNBA teams were docked.

Secondly, I ignored my personal biases and prejudices for and against certain teams. If I was being offered the job in real life there is no doubt in my mind I would choose Dallas based on my personal convictions on the Cowboys and Rangers. I'd also never go to Philly.

Next I didn't judge the teams for being bad right now. It may be miserable being a Chicago Bears fan right now but they will rise again, eventually.

Finally, I lumped Metropolitan areas so don't start arguing that Jets are not from New York because the play in New Jersey or that the Patriots aren't from Boston because they play in Foxborough. Anaheim is pretty much Los Angeles right?

All of these criteria were weighed with an imaginary points system.

With all of the points tallied and adjusted for inflation here is my top 10 list.

10. Toronto

Pro: Drake.

Con: It doesn't have the NFL but it does have 2 professional Canadian Football teams so that almost makes up for it.

9. Philadelphia

Pro: Cheese steaks at all 5 of the professional stadiums

Con: The rest of Philadelphia fans.

8. Washington D.C.

Pro: It's hard not being biased. Watching Bryce Harper?

Con: The gap between Championships is wider than the gap between Alex Ovechkin's remaining teeth.

Redskins owner Dan Snyder. Cowboys fans end rants about Jerry Jones with, "At least we don't have Dan Snyder as an Owner."

7. San Fransico Bay Area

Pro: With Oakland being included you have both the American and National leagues in the MLB and both the AFC and NFC in the NFL. The weather is nice.

Con: Everyone wants to leave Oakland.

6. Denver

Pro: You can join the High Society Denver has to offer while enjoying all 5 of the major sports.

Con: I don't really have one. Snow?

5. Chicago

Pro: Rich history with da Bears, Michael Jordan, Polish Sausage and Ditka.

Con: Derrick Rose's knees.

4. Boston

Pro: Matt Damon.

Con: Ben Affleck.

3. Dallas

Pro: Not only do you get all 5 sports but Cowboys stadium is a mecca for big time College Football and other premiere sporting events.

Con: The only thing Nolan Ryan left behind is his dollar hot dog night. Is that a con? If not then Jerry Jones is always an answer to, "What are the cons?". It doesn't matter the situation.

2. Los Angeles

Pro: Almost 1 NFL team (potentially 2). 2 MLB teams. 2 NBA teams. 2 NHL teams. 1 MLS team.

Con: CJ Wilson.

1. New York

Pro: Just on shear volume alone New York is the best option with 11 teams. The teams are historic and have rich championship traditions. You have both the AL and NL in the MLB so you get to see every team in the MLB every year. The Jets and The Giants both play in the same stadium. Madison Square Garden plays host to numerous events. Is Broadway a sport?

Con: Running into Spike Lee at Knicks games.

Alright, there's my biased free list. Give me your top choice in this weeks poll!

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