Have you heard the term "clean eating"? Corporate Dietician with the United Family of stores, Brenda Duby stopped by the studio to discuss what clean eating is and how you can benefit from clean eating.

Duby stated first that there is no one definition for clean eating. Duby said that clean eating for some means simply not eating processed foods. The confusion can come in when it comes to some foods like bread and pasta.

Duby says use common sense. Unless you have a gluten allergy, bread can be okay for you to eat. Duby also said to look for foods that come more from the animal or from the ground without a lot of extra preservatives. For example, bread from Market Street's bakery will mold faster than other bread because it is made with less preservatives.

Find out more about clean eating by watching the video above.

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Photo credit: United Supermarkets

Photo credit: United Supermarkets
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