Will Furr's reopen in Lubbock, or are they done? It's a question I've seen pop up a lot on social media.

In 2019, the Furr's Fresh Buffet location located across the street from the South Plains Mall closed its doors, leaving only one location open in Lubbock. That location is off the South Loop, at 2817 Loop 289.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit all restaurants pretty hard. When it comes to buffet-style restaurants, that is especially true.

We've seen a lot of restaurants close in Lubbock and throughout the nation. Dealing with shutdowns and restrictions on the amount of people you can have in the restaurant hasn't been easy for many. Some restaurants have only temporarily closed their doors though in order to save money and cut down on expenses.

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So what is the deal with Furr's in Lubbock? Furr's is an iconic name in Lubbock and around the area. Furr's first opened in Hobbs, New Mexico in 1946, then known as Furr's Cafeteria. The company opened a pie shop in Lubbock in 1969, so they have a long history here.

The location on the South Loop now looks closed down and out of business. But is it?

According to Furr's Corporate Office, the answer is no. Furr's Fresh Buffet is coming back as soon as the State of Texas lifts the restrictions on capacity. In a phone call Monday with the Regional Manager, he said "hopefully within a month of the state lifting restrictions" they will reopen the Furr's location off South Loop 289. He also said that they will be doing some upgrades to the location.

But first, the state has to allow capacity at 100 percent. An announcement on that could come as early as Tuesday, March 2nd.

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