Luckily for me, I knew exactly what to name my daughter. She's named after my great grandmother and her sister. I was so adamant and stubborn about it that no one bothered me with their suggestions or their nay-saying.

Some experts suggest that you don't tell anyone what you plan to name their child, because well-intentioned folks can still spoil it for you with their "advice."

If you want your baby's name to be on-trend (or seeking to do the opposite), here's the list of the top 10 most popular boy's and girl's names in Texas (in order) for the most recent year available, 2017. (My name, Renee, didn't even break the top 100. Fine by me!)


Emma, Mia, Isabella, Sophia, Olivia, Ava, Camilla, Sofia, Abigail and Victoria. All very traditional and lovely names!


Noah, Liam, Sebastian, Mateo, Elijah, Matthew, Jacob, Daniel, Ethan and Jose. Another set of really solid, classic names.

If you want to see the least popular baby names in Texas or what parents in other states are naming their children, check out the Social Security Administration's website.

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