Most of us who watched the Super Bowl last night, and saw the now infamous Wes Welker dropped pass that could very well have given them a Super Bowl win.

For those who missed it or need a refresher, check it out here.

It seems ridiculous how people's perception of a player. After the dropped pass, the play by play "analysts" for the game were condemning Welker for essentially losing the Super Bowl.We at 1340 the fan are not so quick to judgement.

First things first, it was a very difficult catch to make. Welker who is in a dead sprint against zone coverage, has to not only turn around, but completely shift his momentum to even have a shot at the ball. The fact that Welker was even in the general vicinity to attempt a catch is praise worthy. Not so for the pundits and talking heads.

Perhaps instead of focusing on an iffy play by Brady and Welker, lets focus instead on a fantastic play by Mario Manningham and Eli Manning.

People have grown accustomed to seeing Welker make fantastic catches time and again, and the one time over the season we find out Welker is human after all, people blame him for losing the Super Bowl.

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