It's not uncommon for Lubbock to experience some wacky weather. Hail, sun and flooding, all in the same day? It happens here.

But what was up with that weird, mushroom-cloud formation that could be seen Saturday night (June 22nd) from within Lubbock?

This picture was taken by our Digital Managing Editor Justin Massoud late Saturday afternoon from the Kingsgate Center North parking lot, right in front of Hayashi looking towards Indiana Ave.

So, what is it?

The formation is a classic thunderstorm cell, but what makes it such an eye-catcher was how it stood alone and was visible from about 60 miles away from the storm's core. The section of the storm cloud that is rising above the top of the plate-like top suggests an area of heavy rainfall and potentially large hail.

If you're ever near a storm with this sort of structure, it's best to avoid the area to prevent being caught in a strong and dangerous storm. But if you ever do capture any amazing photos or video, be sure to send them to us through the KFMX app.

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