Fans of the Chicago Cubs can have some legitimate hope.

Theo Epstein will be leaving the Boston Red Sox and joining the Chicago Cubs organization to become General Manager with some expanded roles. A great read from the Chicago Tribune talks about the expectations Cubs fans should have.

If you support the Cubs, you can expect a turn around in the next few seasons. 2012 doesn't look a year where the superstitious garbage of a curse will be lifted, but the future looks bright because the Cubs organization actually seems to care about winning now. On a semi-related note, Bartman still didn't cost the Cubs a World Series appearance in 2003. The errors and poor pitching to finish Game 6 and the blown lead in Game 7 cost them the series.

Saint Bill Byrne is in the news today and we still don't have an apology from his errant tweet on Saturday. In his weekly online address, Byrne continues to deny his inappropriate comment on Texas Tech and the community at-large. He also said that the Aggies didn't fake injuries on defense. I counted two players actually hurt for Texas A&M and the others who had cramped up or looked to be hurt with soccer like theatrics came back in one or two plays later.

Byrne writes, "One of the most disappointing things I observed during our game in Lubbock was the way the Texas Tech fans booed our injured players. Apparently, they felt the injuries were faked in an attempt to slow the game down. I was in the locker room after we won the game and can attest to the separated shoulder, dislocated elbow, knee injuries, and concussion suffered by members of our team. It was a hard hitting game. We don’t coach our athletes to fake injuries. We’ve never done it before, and we are not going to in the future."

Whatever you say, Bill.  The same kabuki theater happened when the Aggies played Oklahoma State three weeks ago and rest assured that your new rivals will make sure you won't have to fake injuries to stop momentum, your opponent will just make you pay in the SEC.

Auburn was cleared of any major NCAA violation Wednesday regarding Cam Newton and other pay for play allegations. No surprise here, except that the investigation can be reopened if new evidence surfaces, but it looks unlikely that will happen.