West Texans can relate to a man in Denver, Colorado, who filmed a stampede of mattresses running across the landscape like a herd of antelope trying to evade a predator.

The video has since gone viral, and the reddit post comments have us all laughing hysterically!

Robb Manes posted the video to YouTube, writing: "We were hanging out at the pool when, suddenly, a mattress flew into the fenced-in area. When a second and third one came in, we stood up, I grabbed my camera, and this is what we saw. Apparently there was a 'Movie Night Under The Stars' and in Denver, Colorado fashion, a storm blew in, and this is the result."

Watch as people run to avoid being hit by the air mattresses in the video. It looks like some sort of terrifying adaptation of Jurassic Park, with the air mattresses chasing and trying to eat humans instead of dinosaurs.

It's difficult not to laugh at the sight of a swarm of air mattresses flying through the air, and fortunately, no reports of injuries have been made.

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