With over 3,000,000 views and 110,000 likes, this video has gone viral on TikTok.

The video is captioned, "do y'all still want to eat at Wingstop?" and shows a buffalo wing that apparently still has feathers attached to it.

The person that posted the TikTok, Victor Orellana, is obviously disgusted by it, stating, "I need my money back! I almost threw up." While many commenters agreed that they would be horrified to find feathers still attached to the chicken they are eating, others were not as concerned.

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Many commenters mentioned how it isn't so bad because at least you know the chicken you're getting is fresh. Others agreed with that and added that you shouldn't be grossed out by a natural part of the chicken; that you should just pluck the feathers off. There was even a supposed employee that commented how sometimes they get too busy and might miss a couple of feathers when cleaning the chicken.

I think it's great for those people to not be bothered by it, but I would be so grossed out if I found a feather still attached to my food. I understand that stuff happens and it's a normal part of the chicken, but I think the person that posted the video has every right to be upset. When you go out to get food you shouldn't have to be worried about finding this kind of stuff in your meal. I would probably just throw that piece out and wouldn't ask for a refund or anything, but it isn't okay to be serving that to customers.

Orellana followed up the original post with an update after the Wingstop TikTok account commented on his video asking him to reach out to them via email. As of two days ago, they haven't gotten back to him about the incident and also deleted their comment from the viral video.

Obviously, this is just one incident that happened to blow up, so I don't think there is anything wrong with Wingstop as a whole. It just sucks that Orellana got stuck in a bad situation with feathers still attached to his food.

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