The 2018 homecoming game for Texas Tech started with a roar.

Not only did true freshman Alan Bowman start the game in a surprise return, but four Navy F/A-18E Super Hornets from Strike Fighter Squadron One Four Three executed a flyover before the Red Raiders and Jayhawks took the field.

And what a flyover it was:

A bonus fact that makes the flyover even better, the lead pilot in the formation is 2004 Red Raider graduate Lt. Commander Brandon Kyle Jones, AKA Mooch. Quite a homecoming to your alma mater.

Lt. Commander Brandon Kyle Jones (Justin Massoud,

In Bowman's first drive, the Red Raiders led the team down the field and ended the drive with a 48-yard field goal from comeback player of the year, Clayton Hatfield.

At the half, Texas Tech led Kansas, 24-3. Texas Tech would go on to defeat Kansas, 48-16.

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Texas Tech 2018 Home Game Highlights