The 2018 homecoming game for Texas Tech started with a roar.

Not only did true freshman Alan Bowman start the game in a surprise return, but four Navy F/A-18E Super Hornets from Strike Fighter Squadron One Four Three executed a flyover before the Red Raiders and Jayhawks took the field.

And what a flyover it was:

A bonus fact that makes the flyover even better, the lead pilot in the formation is 2004 Red Raider graduate Lt. Commander Brandon Kyle Jones, AKA Mooch. Quite a homecoming to your alma mater.

Justin Massoud,
Lt. Commander Brandon Kyle Jones (Justin Massoud,

In Bowman's first drive, the Red Raiders led the team down the field and ended the drive with a 48-yard field goal from comeback player of the year, Clayton Hatfield.

At the half, Texas Tech led Kansas, 24-3. Texas Tech would go on to defeat Kansas, 48-16.

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Texas Tech 2018 Home Game Highlights

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