The Lubbock Police Department along with Lubbock Animal Services were running up and down the roads near the Tractor Supply on I-27 with a few Tractor Supply employees and concerned citizens to assist in their efforts.

The goats, which happened to be a male and female, were...on the lam.

*Insert laugh track here*

I know, that joke is great. You could say it's not that BAAAAH-D. Ok, I'll stop now.

No one seems to know where the two lovebirds came from, but I personally like to think that maybe they were tired of Old McDonald's farm and decided to get jobs as professional landscapers to pay for their own farm with central air conditioning.

In an interview with KFYO News, Lubbock Animal Services said that the goats were currently being held in their facility until someone could claim them. If a certain amount of time passes without the goats' owners coming forward, they would be placed up for adoption.

The goats, named Kabob and Seta, aren't the first goats Lubbock Animal Services have had to round up. Last year a pair of goats got loose in West Lubbock. After a romantic escapade on the town, the pair were captured and returned to their owner.

Lubbock Animal Services did say it was against Lubbock city ordinances to keep any livestock (with the exclusion of hens and some rabbits) within the city limits and that a citation may be issued depending on the circumstances of how the two were free. That means whether they were set free by someone or if that mysterious creature recently spotted at the Amarillo Zoo tried to take them as a midnight snack and they ran away it would determine what would happen to the owner if they do come forward.

If I were the owner, I would hurry up as soon as they go up for adoption because someone mentioned a carnita asada in the Facebook comments.

For anyone thinking of adopting these two when their time to find a family comes up, please make sure you live outside the city limits with no way for the pair of goats to get out or you could be paying a fine to get them out of the Lubbock Animal Shelter Adoption Center.

Update: As of July 1, 2022 the goats have been adopted.

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